Gas Oven Won’t Heat Up but Broiler Works: Here’s Why…

If your gas oven won’t work but the broiler works without a problem you’re probably getting very frustrated. Luckily, if the broiler is working it is a sign that the issue is with a part that relates only to the bake function. This means the problem might have a quick and easy fix.

The gas oven bake function might not work due to a damaged connection or faulty part. By taking a closer look at your oven you should be able to find the cause of the problem. A quick repair or replacement can get you baking again in no time. 

How Does A Gas Oven Work? 

First things first, gas ovens are very safe. They have multiple components that work together to produce the heat needed to ignite the gas and heat the oven up. A gas oven’s main parts are the igniter, the safety valve, the thermostat and the burner assembly.

When you turn a gas oven on to bake the control board sends alternating current to the igniter. There is a safety valve wired to the igniter and the valve draws increased current as the component gets hot. There is a piece inside the valve that causes the valve to open and release gas into the bake tube. 

Once the valve opens, the igniter lights the gas and the flame heats the oven. The igniter remains on until the inside of the oven reaches the desired temperature. At this point the thermostat sensor shuts off the voltage going to the igniter. This then causes the safety valve to close and shuts the gas off. This is the standard cycle of a gas oven

As you can see, with each piece playing their own important part there are many stages an issue could occur. If one part of this process is not doing its job, the oven won’t heat up like it should. 

6 Reasons Why Your Gas Oven Will Broil But Not Bake 

If your gas oven broiler works but the bake function won’t work, it may be due to a failure, fault or damaged part. Below are 6 of the top reasons a gas oven won’t bake but will still broil:

1. Oven Igniter Needs Replacing 

One of the most likely causes of the issue is the igniter has become worn and is now failing to open the safety valve as it should. This means when you turn the oven on the gas won’t ignite. You can test the igniter using a multimeter to find out if this is the issue and if it needs replacing. 

2. Damaged Wire Connection 

The wire connection can become damaged or could just be loose. Take a look at it, you will be able to see if there is damage to the wire or if it is not secured as it should be. 

3. Damage to the Spark Electrode

The spark electrode is what ignites the gas. A crack or damage to the electrode will cause the component to fail. With the spark electrode not working the gas will not ignite and the oven won’t heat up. 

4. Thermostat Sensor is Faulty 

This is the sensor that monitors the temperature of the oven. The thermostat is what determines when the igniter no longer needs voltage. If the thermostat sensor is faulty the igniter may not receive any voltage at all. You can test the sensor using a multimeter to see if it is working or needs replacing.

5. Gas Line Issues

The issue could be in the gas line. Although parts of the oven are still working, there may be a blockage or an issue that is stopping the gas from reaching the oven for baking. You can check the gas lines for issues by disconnecting and inspecting it. Always make sure the gas is off before you start looking at the different parts of the oven. A wrangled or damaged pipe needs replacing with a new pipe.

6. Control Board Burnt 

The issue could be because the oven control board is burnt or malfunctioning. Look at the board for signs of a short or of burning. Unfortunately, issues with the board cannot be easily identified so it’s best to rule out the other possibilities first. 

Gas Oven Not Heating Up: Try These Easy Fixes 

If your gas oven is not heating up it could be due to something simple and easy to fix. Before you start, be safe and cautious and always turn the gas and power off before trying to fix the oven. Below we’ve listed the top quick fixes that can get your gas oven working again. 

Replace Gas Line

A worn, blocked or damaged gas line could be the problem. If the gas pipe is quite old it could’ve become squeezed which can impact the flow of gas. Turn off the gas and disconnect the gas line so you can inspect its condition. Replace the old line with a new one, ensuring the pipe is firmly connected so it won’t leak. 

Replace the Ignitor 

If there isn’t a problem with the gas line, the issue could be with the ignitor. It isn’t that unusual for an ignitor to malfunction. You can check the ignitor by turning off the gas and unscrewing the back panel. You should be able to see the ignitor when the panel is removed. Disconnect the ignitor and use a multimeter to check the terminals. They should be reading at between 0 – 1100 ohms. If they are not, remove the ignitor and put a new one in its place. 

Replace the Thermostat Sensor 

If the thermostat sensor is faulty, it can be stopping the igniter from receiving voltage. The thermostat is either located below the control panel, behind the back panel,  under the exhaust hood or beneath the backsplash. It depends on your specific oven make and model. 

Once you have located it, remove the thermostat sensor. You can use a multimeter to test if the sensor is still working. Once you have calibrated the multimeter, turn the dial to the lowest ohm rating and hold it on the thermostat. If there is no reading, remove and replace the thermostat sensor. When you replace parts, always make sure you replace them with manufacturer-approved parts that work with your oven. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

How long does it take for a gas oven to reach temperature? 

A gas oven should heat up in between 5 – 10 minutes. These ovens heat up faster than electric ovens and are very efficient. If your gas oven is heating up slowly it could be because the oven igniter is failing or weak. 

How much does it cost to replace a gas oven igniter? 

A new gas oven igniter costs around $60. However, if you get the igniter professionally installed you can expect to pay between $100 – $250 for the igniter and installation.   


If you are having issues with your gas oven it is likely due to a weak or damaged part. Fortunately, there are some easy fixes that can solve the issue quickly. If your gas oven is working in some settings but not in others, this helps narrow down the problem. You are most likely going to need to replace a part so always make sure the gas and power are turned off before you start.

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