How To Remove Toto Toilet Seat with Hidden Bolts (& Washlet)

Removing a Toto toilet seat can be difficult, especially if you have a washlet or bidet installed. However, you can easily remove the toilet seat using the same process that you would a normal toilet. The only difference is that you’ll have to remove the washlet first.

Learning how to remove a Toto toilet seat is easy. You just have to remove the washlet first. In most cases, that means turning the water off and using the push release button mounted on the washlet. Then, you can pull the washlet off. From there, you can unscrew your Toto toilet seat to remove it like you would any other toilet seat.

How Do You Replace Hidden Toto Toilet Seat Bolts?

Removing a Toto toilet seat for cleaning or to replace the bolts is relatively easy. Once you figure out where everything is, it should only take a few minutes to remove the seat and replace it. However, it is a 2-step process. You’ll first have to remove your Toto washlet and then you can remove the seat. We’ll go over each process one at a time.

How to Remove a Conventional Toto Toilet Seat?

The standard Toto toilet seat, without a washlet, is easy to remove. If you have a regular flathead screwdriver handy, the full process should take less than a few minutes. Some models of the Toto toilet use a Phillips #2 screw instead. Make sure you have this screwdriver on hand if you’re not sure which model you have.

What You’ll Need 

You’ll need the following toolset to remove your conventional Toto toilet seat:

  • Regular flathead screwdriver
  • Small Flat screwdriver or butterknife
  • Rib joint or locking Pliers
  • Optional: Rubber gloves ‘

Put the rubber gloves on before starting work if you haven’t thoroughly cleaned the toilet and around it.

  • Remove the Covers

Find and remove the covers that snap over the bolts on the back of the toilet seat. These are hard plastic and may snap up with just your hands. However, you can slide a flat screwdriver or the tip of a butterknife under the edge to pry it up. If you do so, choose an area on the center of the housing. Shimmy the screwdriver or other thin implement into the crack between the cover and the center of the seat, and then pop it out. Repeat it on the other side. This will expose both tabs and screws.

  • Unscrew the Bolts 

Use a screwdriver to unscrew the bolts as far as you can. Here, it’s important to keep an eye on the sleeve under the toilet. This is a black extension directly under the hinge, usually about 2-inches long. If it’s turning, use a pair of pliers to hold the sleeve in place. When the bolts stop turning, you can grip them with the pliers and turn the screws at the same time. The screw should come out of the sleeve. If you don’t have sleeves, you can simply unscrew the bolt from the nut, using the pliers or your hands to hold the nut in place. Repeat this on both sides.

  • Lift Off the Toilet Seat 

From there, you can easily lift the toilet seat off. Make sure you reserve your bolts and the nut or sleeve to put it back on. Then, you can either clean the toilet seat, replace the nut, sleeve, or bolt, or make any other fixes as intended. For example, one of the most common reasons your toilet seat is loose is actually that the nut or sleeve has come loose.

How to Remove a Toto Washlet?

If you have a Toto washlet or bidet, you’ll have to remove that before you can remove the seat. Luckily, it’s normally a 3-step process, in which you disconnect the water and then remove the washlet.

What You’ll Need

In most cases, you can remove the washlet with a few simple tools:

  • Bucket
  • Adjustable pliers or adjustable wrench

You’ll also want to unplug the Toto washlet before you try to remove it. However, you can plug it back in before you put it back on the toilet. The power light will come on when the system snaps back into place.

1. Turn off the water 

If you’re taking the washlet all the way off, you want to turn off the water. If you just want to pull your washlet slightly away from the toilet to clean it, you can skip to step 3.

  • Find the bathroom water connection and check if it has an off switch
  • Turn the knob or lever to the off position
  • Use the sink to drain the water out of the lines or flush the toilet

This reduces the chances of leaking.

2. Unscrew the water connections 

Use your adjustable wrench or adjustable pliers to unscrew the water connection where it connects to the washlet. Here, you should always put a bucket under the connection before you remove them. Make sure you keep the adjustable wrench tight so as not to strip the nut.

3. Use the push-to-release button 

Find the push to release buttons on each side of the Toto Washlet. If you remove your washlet, you have to push both at once. They’re located on the left and right of the toilet, near the back. Look for the indentation near the back on the right and the small button on the left just above the filter. Push both at once. Then pull the washlet out, at a straight angle, towards the end of the toilet. It should slide off freely. If not, make sure both buttons are depressed and that nothing is sticking.

Are Toto Toilet Seats Universal?

The easy answer is no. Toto manufacturers toilets in different sizes and lengths. This means you’ll have to check the measurements of your toilet when buying a replacement. In addition, if you have a toilet seat with a Washlet on it, you’ll have to buy another seat with a washlet. That’s because the washlet attaches to the toilet itself via a mechanism. If that doesn’t fit, your toilet, the seat won’t fit.

However, in most cases, if you get the same shape, usually round, D-shape, or elongated/extended, it will fit. You just have to pay some attention to the size.


Replacing your Toto toilet seat won’t take long. That holds true even if you have a washlet in place. In fact, the hardest part of the whole process should be decoupling the water. Make sure you have a bucket and maybe some towels on hand. Hopefully, this guide has helped you to remove the seat so you can make whatever repairs or fixes are necessary. Good luck with your toilet!

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