DIY: How to Install a Wall Oven in a Base Cabinet

A wall oven is a popular way to make use of space in the kitchen. These ovens are an asset to any kitchen thanks to their plentiful style and design options. Once installed, a wall oven looks fantastic because they are built-in and blend with the cabinets. Buying a wall oven is straightforward but installing it is a bit more of a challenge. This guide takes you through the steps so you can install a wall oven yourself.

With the right skills and tools, it is easy to install the wall oven in a base cabinet. If the cabinet is the right size you just need to wire the oven in and screw it into place. Modification will be needed for some cabinets. 

Overall Installation Cost of a Wall Oven 

There are a few key factors that contribute towards the overall cost of a wall oven installation. These include: 

Wall Oven Cost 

Generally speaking, the cost of a quality wall oven is usually between $1,000 – $2,500. Of course the cost will depend on the oven you choose. The size, power type and features will all adjust the amount you pay for your new oven. For example, a self cleaning feature adds around $300 to the price tag. Choosing a convection oven rather than a conventional one will also cost approximately $300 more.  

Labor Cost 

The labor cost of a basic wall oven installation is around $200. This will change depending on the hourly rate of the installer. It usually takes between one and two hours to carry out the installation if there are no additional requirements such as modifying cabinets, fitting new outlets or installing gas lines. The process is quick and easy which is why many people decide to do it themselves. 


The overall cost of installing a wall oven can be anywhere from $300+. The cost of the fitting and connectors required is around $20 and the other supplies needed will depend on the job. If the existing cabinet is the right size for the oven then direct installation is possible but if it is not you will need to modify the cabinet or buy a new one. In jobs that include removal of the old appliance it can add around $100. If you decide you want a separate cooktop this is going to add between $500 – $2000 to the price.

How to Install a Wall Oven (10 Easy Steps) 

Installing a wall oven is a straightforward process if you are familiar with carrying out electrical work. In some areas, local laws require a licensed electrician to complete any rewiring tasks so check if this applies in your area before getting started.

Tools Required to Install a Wall Oven in Base Cabinet 

  • Junction box clamp
  • Screwdriver
  • Drill
  • Adjustable wrench 
  • Wire nuts

Step 1. Turn Off the Electricity

First you want to turn the circuit breaker off so you can avoid risk of injury, shock or burns. This is always the first step when installing an oven and is extremely important for safety. Once the breaker is off, double check the electricity in the kitchen is off before getting started.

Step 2. Decide Which Mount Type You Want to Use

Next, choose the type of mount. There are two main mount types available for wall ovens: flush mounts and standard mounts. A flush mount looks better as it blends in with the cabinet rather than a standard mount that sticks out slightly. 

If you want to install your wall oven flush in the base cabinet check the manufacturer’s installation guide to ensure it is safe to mount it in this way. Some ovens cannot be flush mounted because doing so would cause damage to the cabinet. Do not use a flush mount if the oven is not designed for this type of mount as it could create a safety hazard. If your oven cannot be flush mounted you will need to use a standard mount instead.

Step 3. Take Measurements

Before you start moving the oven make sure the cabinet has enough space for it. Measure the height, width and depth of the oven and do the same with the cabinet. Compare your cabinet measurements with the manufacturer’s installation instructions. Your measurements need to meet the cutout dimensions. If your cabinet is less than an inch larger on either side it should still work. Most wall ovens have trim kits, the standard is 1” but you can get wider kits if needed. 

Cabinet modification is sometimes needed to accommodate the wall oven. If you need to make modifications, we talk about this more in the next section. For a standard wall oven that is 30 inches your cabinet will need to be 33 inches. 

If you are using a new cabinet you can buy one that is specifically designed for a built-in appliance. These cabinets have power cord slots already and can accommodate a standard 30” wall oven easily. 

Step 4. Locate the Electrical Junction Box 

Now you have figured out where you are putting your oven, you need to locate the electrical junction box. This box will be behind the cabinet somewhere but could be inside the wall. You may need to cut away part of the drywall to locate the box. If you have had to remove an old oven, it will be easy to locate the box. 

Step 5. Attach the Wiring

Now you know your oven is going to fit and you’ve got the electrical junction box, it’s time to wire your wall oven. First, locate the new oven’s armored cabling and feed it into the electrical box. Attach the wiring to the connectors on the electrical junction box. Use a right-angle clamp to do this. When attaching the wires make sure you look closely at the wire colors so they are properly coordinated.

Step 6. Secure the Wires

Twist together the wires from the oven cable with the corresponding wire from the junction box. Twist the wires together and secure them using wire nuts. Fold the wires into the junction box making sure they are neatly organised. You can now close the junction box and attach the right-angle cable bracket to the cover. 

Step 7. Slide the Wall Oven into Position 

Now the wires are all connected you can gently move the wall oven into the position. You will need to get someone to help you move the oven in position as they are heavy and awkward to manoeuvre. 

Step 8. Mount the Oven 

Use the screwdriver or drill to secure the screws that mount the oven into place. The oven will come with connectors for this. There are usually only 4 screws that hold the oven in position. 

Step 9. Attach the Doors and Trim

Next, you need to attach the doors of the oven. The doors simply slot and secure into place so this is a quick job. You can now install any trimming that came with the oven too. The trim is what hides all of the screws and gives the oven a seamless, stylish finish. The trim also slots into position so should be easy to install. 

Step 10. Turn on the Power and Test the Oven

Lastly, you need to check the oven is wired up properly. With the oven fully installed you can now turn the circuit breaker back on. With the power on you can test if the oven works as it should.

How to Modify A Wall Oven Cabinet 

In the event that your cabinet is not the right size you will need to modify it. Fortunately, you can do this yourself if you have the time, tools and experience. 

Tools Required to Modify a Wall Oven

  • Measuring tape 
  • Pencil
  • Jigsaw or circular saw 

Step 1. Measure

Firstly, you need to figure out how much you need to widen the cabinet by. Be sure to follow the wall oven installation instructions so you meet the minimum size requirements. In most cases, the adjustments needed are relatively minor and simply require you to trim away the edges of the cabinet. 

Step 2. Draw A Line

Once you have calculated how much of the cabinet needs to be trimmed away to make room for the oven you can divide that number by two. This is the amount you will need to remove from each side so the total removed is equal to the amount you calculated. Use the pencil to mark each side of the cabinet.

Step 3. Trim 

Follow your pencil lines with a jigsaw or circular saw to trim the edges of the cabinet. This is all you need to do for the purpose of a small cabinet modification. 

If your cabinet needs to be completely remade to fit your oven, you will need to use plywood that matches your existing cabinets. Once you have the measurements, build a box to these dimensions. Cut a hole for the wiring and then add trim to the cabinet edges. The other option is to buy a new cabinet that is the right size for the oven.  


Wall ovens are the most popular oven type. Even so, they can be confusing. If you have questions about your new wall oven, we’ve answered common queries below:

How do you mount a wall oven? 

You mount a wall oven inside a cabinet. Once wired in, the wall oven is simply slid into position and secured using screws. It is a quick and easy process that will only take an hour or two to complete.

Does a wall oven have to be in a cabinet?

Yes, a wall oven needs to be either inside a cabinet. underneath a countertop or below a cooktop. If you don’t want your oven to be in a cabinet take a look at freestanding ovens instead. 


Wall ovens are fantastic for maximizing kitchen space and it is easy to install a wall oven in a base cabinet. Generally speaking, the biggest challenge is wiring the new oven up. If you are not familiar with electrics then it is best to get a professional electrician to do this for you. Finally, if you find your new oven is too big for your cabinet you will need to either trim the cabinet to make it larger or install a new cabinet.

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