Portable Dishwasher Faucet Adapter Doesn’t Fit (Fixed)

Portable dishwashers are practical and affordable solutions for smaller kitchens. They offer a lot of benefits thanks to their small size and efficiency. However, it is fairly common to experience issues connecting the portable dishwasher to the faucet. Fortunately, there is a simple solution to this problem.

If the portable dishwasher faucet adapter doesn’t fit it might be because the aerator is still on the faucet spout. The adapter could also be the wrong size or thread type. With the right adapter for your faucet you will be able to install and use the dishwasher in minutes. 

Importance Of Faucet Adapter For Portable Dishwasher 

Without a suitable faucet adapter you won’t be able to connect your dishwasher securely to the water supply. You won’t be able to use the dishwasher without a faucet adapter unless you connect it to the main water line. This is time consuming and defeats the point of one of these dishwashers so it is essential to have the right faucet adapter on hand. 

Most portable dishwashers come with a standard faucet adapter but as the manufacturers don’t know what sink faucet you have the standard adapter may not fit. This means you may need to buy a separate adapter that suits your kitchen sink’s faucet and thread type. Don’t worry if the adapter you received with your appliance doesn’t fit. Replacements are low cost and easy to find.

Here’s Why Your Portable Dishwasher Faucet Adapter Doesn’t Fit 

The portable dishwasher faucet adapter not fitting or leaking when in use are fairly common complaints. There’s a couple of potential causes of this problem. Keep in mind that this isn’t normal, the right adapter installed correctly should fit perfectly with no gaps or leaks. 

Installation Error

The problem might be a simple installation error. You first need to ensure you have taken the aerator from the faucet before trying to fit the adapter. If you have not, this could be why the adapter doesn’t fit. Most faucets have an aerator attached to faucet and this can be a bit stiff to remove at first. Once the aerator is disconnected, you may find the standard faucet adapter fits. 

Faucet Shape

The next potential reason is the faucet head shape. If the faucet head is not a standard shape then the standard adapter is not going to work. If you have a unique faucet then you are going to need a custom adapter, or you will need to find a different faucet to use. 

Problem With Thread Size/Type 

Another potential problem could be that the faucet thread and the adapter are not designed to go together. When the thread on the faucet is on the inside then it is a female type and requires a male adapter. When the thread is on the outside then it is a male type and requires a female adapter. If the thread doesn’t match up in this way then this is why you are experiencing connection problems. 

The size may also be an issue. The adapter you receive will be a standard size. The standard size for a kitchen sink thread is 15/16”-27 (male) and 55/64”-27 (female). If the faucet and the adapter are different sizes then you will need to order an adapter to suit your faucet. If both the standard size but the adapter is not fitting it could be because the thread type is wrong. 

Portable Dishwasher Hose Won’t Stay On Faucet 

Sometimes attaching the adapter and hose is half the battle. When you turn the water on the hose may leak or move. If the hose won’t stay in position it could be due to the water pressure. If the pressure of the water is higher than 55 – 75 psi then it may be causing the hose to loosen or leak. Too much pressure can also result in the hose becoming worn prematurely. If you’ve used the dishwasher in the past without a problem but the hose is no longer staying position it is probably because the hose attachment has become worn.

If the pressure of the water is within the normal range, the issue may be that the adapter is ill-fitting. Although the adapter can be connected to the faucet, it may be slightly too big. This is why it falls off once water starts running through it. In this case, you will need to find a more suitable adapter for your faucet.

Finding A Faucet Adapter For Portable Dishwasher 

The dishwasher adapter needs to be the right size and the right thread type for your faucet. Follow these steps to ensure the adapter you purchase will work with both your portable dishwasher and your faucet. 

1. Measure The Faucet

If you are sure the standard faucet adapter is not the right size for your faucet then the first thing to do is look at the faucet’s thread size You can measure the faucet size using a measuring tape or ruler.

Tip: Measure inside on a female thread and outside on a male thread.

The standard kitchen sink thread size for male faucets (threaded) is 15/16”-27. If your faucet is this size you will need a standard sized female faucet adapter. 

The standard size for a female faucet is 55/64”-27. If you have a female faucet then you will need a standard size male faucet adapter (15/16”-27). If your faucet is not a standard size, this will be why the adapter you received with the dishwasher doesn’t fit. 

2. Look At The Thread Type

If you haven’t found any issues with the size of the faucet and the adapter then the problem may be the thread. Most kitchen faucets have a male thread type so the standard adapter is usually female. If the thread of the faucet is on the inside then it is a female thread type and needs a male faucet adapter. 

3. Confirm The Adapter Will Work With The Portable Dishwasher Model You Have

If you’re still struggling to find a suitable adapter, go to the manufacturer’s website. Sometimes the manufacturer will list suitable faucet adapters that work with the dishwasher model. In this case, you can use the measurements and thread type and see if any of the recommended options are suitable. 

If there is not a list of options on the manufacturer’s website, you can contact them or head to the hardware store as they can give you advice on the best adapter to buy. Fortunately adapters are low cost and easy to find online and in hardware stores. 

4. Get A Custom Made Adapter

If you have been through the first 3 steps and you are still not able to find a faucet adapter that fits then the issue is most likely an unusual or unique faucet. You have two choices, you can either have an adapter custom made to suit your faucet or you can replace the faucet. A custom adapter is one that is made to suit your faucet’s thread type and size. This can be a good solution if you don’t want to change your faucet but you still want to use the portable dishwasher. 

5. Replace The Faucet

The final option is to replace your faucet. If you fit a standard faucet then you won’t have any more problems with the portable dishwasher connection. This is the last resort and it is important to weigh up whether the portable dishwasher is worth the changes. 

Related Questions 

Below we’ve answered some common questions to help make DIY jobs easier.

Does a dishwasher drain hose need a loop?

Yes, a permanently installed dishwasher needs to have a high loop in the drain hose to help prevent a backflow of water. Without elevation, the drain hose is susceptible to allowing dirty water to run back into the dishwasher. 

What size thread is a standard kitchen faucet?

A standard-sized male faucet thread is 15/16”-27 and a standard-sized female faucet thread is 55/64”-27.

Can I add an aerator to my faucet? 

Faucet aerators are usually standard on modern faucets, but if your faucet doesn’t have one you can buy one separately and install it. This is quick and easy to do providing you choose the right aerator fitting for your faucet size and thread type. Remember that a female aerator will fit onto a male faucet and vice versa. 

Final Thoughts

Hooking up a portable dishwasher for the first time is not always as simple as it should be. If the adapter doesn’t fit or leaks then it is the wrong size or type for your faucet. Once you buy the right adapter using the portable dishwasher will be effortless.

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