How to Remove Wall Oven in 8 Quick Steps

Besides being heavy, most major appliances are easy to remove. Just unplug them from the wall outlet that is usually located directly behind it and use a dolly or the assistance of another person to take it out. It’s a little more complicated when you want to remove a built-in oven. Removing it usually requires more than one person, and although it may be referred to as a “slide-in oven,” you won’t be able to merely slide it out. It requires knowledge and the right tools.

How to Remove Wall Oven

With the help of another person, the necessary tools, and the following steps, you will be able to remove a wall oven, a microwave oven, and even a wall oven microwave combo.

Necessary Tools for Removing a Wall Oven

You only need a few tools to complete this DIY project, and most of them can be picked up at your local hardware store.

  • Non Contact voltage tester
  • Flathead screwdriver
  • Phillips screwdriver
  • Wire cutters
  • Tape

Although you can replace some tools with general household items you have lying around, an improper substitution often results in something getting damaged or a person getting hurt.

1. Flip the Wall Oven Breaker to “Off”

To ensure no power goes to the wall oven, go to the breaker control panel and flip the breaker to “off.” Place a piece of tape over it or leave a note on the breaker box, so no other household member flips the breaker on while you are removing the built-in oven.

2. Test That It Is Disconnected

Please verify that the oven has no electric current running to it by turning on the oven and holding a non-contact voltage tester near the back of the oven where the heating element is connected. If the tester doesn’t flash or make a sound, the power is disconnected.

3. Remove the Doors to the Wall Oven

Depending on what type of oven you have, the door may be attached to the hinges by screws, or it might just slide up and off them. If there are screws, remove them with a screwdriver. Use a flathead screwdriver to pry the hinge locks from the oven. Then lift the door off the oven.

4. Remove the Trim

Use a screwdriver to remove the screws holding the oven trim on. Otherwise, you will be unable to remove the wall oven.

5. Release the Oven by Removing the Remaining Screws

Remove any remaining screws you find around the oven’s exterior edge. This releases the oven and allows you and your helper to slide it out far enough to reach the wires.

6. Check for Live Electrical Current

Double-check for a live current by holding the tester to the electrical wires. If you intend to replace the oven, cut the wires with wire cutters. If not, follow the wires to the electrical box.

7. Disconnect the Wall Oven Wires

You will find the electrical box behind the wall oven. Remove the cover plate that is attached to the box with screws. Untwist the wire connectors so you can remove the wall oven.

8. Replace the Wire Connectors

Put the wire connectors back on the wires coming from the electrical box.

Additional Questions About Wall Ovens

Although the steps to removing a wall oven are straightforward and easy to follow, you may have questions about a slightly different situation.

Can You Remove Gas Oven From the Wall?

Removing a gas oven from the wall is a bit more complex and dangerous than removing an electric one. Begin by turning off the gas by twisting the valve 90 degrees. It is likely located beneath or behind the oven. Disconnect the hose and cap it. Then, you can follow the previously mentioned process for unscrewing, releasing, and sliding out the oven.

How Do You Remove a Double Wall Oven?

The process for removing a double wall oven is the same as removing a single

wall oven, except you have to remove two doors, and the appliance is heavier.

What Is the Process for Replacing a Wall Oven With a Range?

Generally, replacing the wall oven with a stove requires just a few additional considerations. Whether you will need to make any changes to the cabinetry required depends on the stove. You may need to consult a professional at an appliance shop to discuss your concerns. Typically, you won’t need any electrical changes. You should be able to just slide it in and plug it in.

In Conclusion

Although it isn’t as easy as removing a free-standing stove, removing a wall oven to make room for a new one is something most people can do without professional assistance. As with any DIY project, especially one that involves electricity or gas, you should consult with or hire a professional if you feel uncertain.

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