How To Easily Fix Toilet Refill Hose Which Keeps Coming Out

Have you noticed that your toilet bowl doesn’t fill properly after you’ve flushed? The problem could be that the toilet refill tube keeps coming out. The toilet refill tube is a small hose inside the tank connected to the fill valve and overflow tube. Its role is to tell the overflow tube when to stop inputting water into the bowl. If the hose is not secured properly to the fill valve or to the overflow, the water will remain stuck in the tank, and the bowl won’t fill after you flush.

A toilet refill hose keeps coming out due to a damaged clip or too high water pressure. You can fix this problem by replacing the hose clip, cleaning the hose, or replacing the hose altogether. When replacing the hose, keep in mind that you must also replace the refill and overflow valves inside the tank.

Why Does The Refill Hose Keep Coming Out?

Finding the culprit is the first step to fixing a hose that pops out every time the toilet is refilling. The main thing to look into is the water pressure.

If the pressure is too high, the force could push out the clip holding the hose to the valve, causing it to become loose. Not only will the hose pop out, but the water coming out of it could also spray all over your bathroom if you happen to lift the tank lid.

Adjusting the water pressure from the main valve may help the problem. However, clogs or mineral build-up in the fill valve could also increase the water pressure. Thus, you should check the valve and clean or replace it if necessary.

Another thing that could cause the hose to detach is the scale or grime inside the hose or around its connections. If you don’t want to replace the whole thing, you can clean it with a plumbing snake or chemical pipe cleaner.

You should also check the toilet tank hose clip holding the hose in place and make sure that it isn’t worn out or damaged. Toilet refill hose clips are cheap and readily available online or at home improvement stores.

Lastly, you should know that some toilet tanks are more prone to this issue due to their design. This is the case with older Kohler tanks, but other brands may also have this issue.

How To Fix Toilet Refill Tube Coming Out

Now that you know the possible causes, we should move on and find out how to fix them. The three methods below can solve the issue in most cases.

Clip The Hose

A damaged or worn-out toilet refill hose clip is the most common reason the hose pops out constantly. If the rest of the tube is in good condition, you can replace the broken part.

  1. Buy a new clip – toilet refill hose clips are universal. We recommend a plastic or resin clip that won’t rust or corrode. Metal clips are also available. If you don’t find the clip only, you can get a hose and clip combo.
  2. Turn off the water supply to the toilet and flush. An empty tank makes it easier to take the hose out and replace the clip.
  3. Detach the clip connecting the refill hose to the overflow tube from the valve if it hasn’t popped out already.
  4. Remove the clip from the hose and replace it with the new clip.
  5. Attach the clip to the overflow tube. Turn on the water and let the tank fill. Flush and check the hose. If all is good, cover the tank with the lid.

Replace The Refill Tube

A clogged or worn-out tube could also keep coming out, in the first instance due to water pressure and in the latter due to the hose being too loose. A worn-out tube can’t be repaired, and you have to replace it.

1. Empty the tank 

Close the toilet’s water supply valve and flush to empty the tank. Remove the tank lid.

2. Remove the refill tube

Locate the refill tube, which is a small hose attached to the refill valve and overflow tube. Grasp the end connected to the refill valve and twist the tube to remove it. If your toilet is old and there is mineral build-up on the tube, you might have to use a pair of pliers to remove it.

Once you’ve removed the tube from the refill valve, remove the clip connecting it to the overflow tube.

3. Replace the refill and overflow valves (optional)

While replacing these valves isn’t mandatory, you may find that if the tube is worn out, the valves are worn-out too. Inspect and replace them if necessary.

4. Install the new refill tube

To install the new tube, you have to reverse the second step. Attach the clip and connect the refill hose to the overflow tube first, then push its other end on the refill valve to connect it.

5. Fill the tank and test

You can now turn on the water supply and let the tank fill. Flush while watching the tube. If it doesn’t pop out, you’ve solved the problem and can now close the lid. Otherwise, check out the quick fix below.

Replace The Inside Of The Tank

If you’ve replaced the clip and the tube, but the refill hose keeps coming out regardless, you may want to replace the entire flush system inside the tank. Most manufacturers make tank system kits comprising all toilet tank components. Alternatively, you could use a compatible kit.

Replacing the flush system is more challenging than replacing the refill hose, but you may still be able to do it yourself. If you’re uncertain about it, perhaps you should hire a plumber.


While a toilet refill hose that keeps coming out is problematic, the issue is generally easy to fix. In most cases, replacing the clip or hose will solve the problem. Cleaning or replacing the valves could also work. Alternatively, you should replace all components in the tank or invest in a new tank. Hopefully, this guide has helped you find the right solution.

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