Toto Cotton White vs Colonial White: What’s The Difference

If you’re buying a new Toto toilet, the Cotton White and Colonial White are two of the most popular options. Here, you’ll have to make a decision based on what best-fits into your home. However, doing so might require going to look at the color options in person. Eventually, you’ll want to look at how TOTO’s white matches the rest of your bathroom rather than choosing just based on preference. For example, you want all of the ceramics (toilet, bathtub, and sink) to match as closely together as possible if you don’t get them from the same brand.

Toto Cotton White is the basic or “standard” gloss white option from the brand. It looks like most toilets, and it’s the option you’d expect to see in most modern or commercial bathroom. Cotton White is plain or basic white and will match most basic white bathroom options on the market. The Colonial White is a more antique white that’s softer, darker, and a better fit for less modern or commercial spaces. It matches fewer whites from other brands, but looks good with most non-white bathrooms. In either case, you can likely quickly look at either to decide which you prefer. 

Toto Toilet Colors: Cotton vs. Colonial White

Toto’s range of toilets normally comes in at least two base colors. These are Cotton White and Colonial White. If you already have a toilet and are buying a new one, buying a replacement part, or replacing the seat, you want to know which color you have. In this case, you’ll also want to try to match the color of your toilet to any other ceramics like the sink or bathtub in your bathroom. Doing so is relatively simple, you just have to know how the colors match to each other and to other colors.

However, both Cotton White and Colonial White are two shades of white. If you don’t have anything to match it to, the differences between the two are relatively slim. That means you can easily choose one and likely not notice too much in your bathroom unless you want a specific look and feel.

We’ll go into that below.

What’s Cotton White?

Toto Cotton vs Colonial white is essentially a matter of choosing between classic or bright white. Toto’s Cotton White or pure white is the ‘basic” or most common color for Toto’s line of toilets. It’s pure white, which matches most standard whites you might find. That makes it a good fit if you’re looking for a toilet or sink from another brand. Otherwise, there’s not much special about this white. It’s the whitest thing that Toto sells and therefore the cleanest, most contemporary, and the best fit for a modern bathroom.

If you’ve painted your entire bathroom plain white, this is a good choice. It’s bright enough that it will always look white against the rest of the room.

Toto’s Cotton White Matches:

Toto’s Cotton White is most easily comparable to American Standard White (pre-2000). However, you can also match it to other popular brands:

  • American Standard White Pre-2000
  • Kohler White
  • Bath Royale White
  • Briggs White
  • Mansfield White
  • Eljer White

If you check TOTO’s sales guide, Toto Cotton White is sold as #01 White. It matches nearly any other #01 white. This rating simply means the paint has no other color or tint in it. Instead, it is pure white. That makes it relatively easy to match to any other pure white.

If you walk into any store and pick a toilet in the most basic and whitest white. That should be a close enough match to Cotton White.

What’s Colonial White?

Colonial White is a more antique white, or one with a slight bit of beige added to the white. It’s less glossy, less sharp, and better-suited to softer bathrooms. For example, if you have white walls, you probably don’t want Colonial White. The slight “antique” or “slightly off white” can look older and yellower against a very white bathroom – especially if you’re using white tiling. However, this slightly darker and less glossy white is a perfect fit for bathrooms with colorful or beige walls. You’ll get beautiful solid-white looks against most light color schemes.

That gives you plenty of room to play with how different shades of white look with your specific paint swatches or tiles. If you’re unsure, you can always take the paint swatch or tile to the store when you purchase your Toto toilet.

In addition, if you want to match an

Toto’s Colonial White Matches

Toto Colonial White is a perfect match for the American Standard White produced after 2000. That means if you have a newer bathroom, you can easily match those too colors. In addition, you can match it to other popular brands like:

  • American Standard White Post-2000

Colonia White is a #11 color on TOTO’s website. While it matches fewer other brand colors, it’s a good fit if you buy all TOTO ceramics for your bathroom. It’s also a good color to put in your bathroom with pastel or colorful walls rather than white. Keep in mind that if you do pair Colonial White with a true white tile or other ceramic, the antique white might look dinghy or yellow. So, it’s important to pay attention to the rest of the colors, especially white, in the bathroom when choosing a toilet. However, if you’re trying to match TOTO’s Colonial White to any other colors, there’s only one standard match.


Choosing a ceramic color for your bathroom normally means checking what you have. If you don’t currently own a tub, basin, or toilet, you can choose based on what goes with the other colors in your bathroom. For example, if you have more white or if you have white tiles, you probably want to select that Toto Cotton White – because it’s pure white and less likely to look dinghy. If you have an antique white look, the Colonial White is a better choice. And, if you want to match colors across different brands, Cotton White is always the better choice.

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