Worst Toilet Brands To Avoid: Stay Away From These 4

When choosing the perfect toilet, homeowners may focus more on design than functionality, especially if the brand is an established one. What you may not know is that some established names are some of the worst toilet brands. Choosing your toilet should go beyond aesthetics if you want it to last for the years to come. So, what brands to avoid and which to pick instead?

The toilet brands to avoid include American Standard, Kohler, Gerber, and Eljer. Despite their popularity, these toilets have numerous problems, from poor flushing to leaking and design issues. The easiest way to make sure your new toilet is worth the price is by checking the MaP testing for the specific model you want to buy.

What Toilets Should You Stay Away From?

1. American Standard

American Standard is one of the most popular toilet brands in the USA, alongside Kohler. Its toilets are mostly known thanks to the brand’s awesome commercials and advertising campaigns. However, not all that glitters is gold. While some models are better than others, there is one particular model you should stay away from.

American Standard Champion 

The Champion series from American Standard attracts many homeowners with affordable prices and the promise that the toilet can flush anything. To demonstrate their claim, the brand shows the toilet flushing golf balls in the commercial.

What you may now know is that even the worst toilets can flush golf balls. Body waste and toilet paper are much harder to flush, so you may be surprised when your toilet can’t flush properly.

Other issues involving the Champion include a poor design that could lead to installation problems and leaks

There is to say that some American Standard Champion models have passed the MaP testing, which consists of flushing soybean paste and toilet paper. However, most models haven’t, and unless you want to risk it, we recommend steering clear from this model.

2. Kohler 

Kohler is another popular and affordable brand. The company manufactures a wide range of traditional and modern toilets, most of which are reliable. However, there are two models that are not worth your money.

Kohler Cimarron 

Cimarron is one of Kohler’s innovative range of toilets designed with water-saving and eco-friendliness in mind. An innovative flush piston and engine allegedly deliver a powerful flush while saving water. However, the only true claim in the toilet’s description is that it uses less water – per flush, at least.

The piston and engine have little impact on the flushing process, and the lower water volume doesn’t have enough pressure to flush all waste. This means that you’ll have to flush several times to clean the toilet, which actually means that you’ll be using more water compared to a traditional, non-water-saving model.

Kohler Memoirs 

The Memoirs series from Kohler attracts homeowners with the vintage design. These toilets have beautiful aesthetics and fit perfectly in traditional and rustic homes. The main problem with them is the smaller size compared to standard toilets. 

This leads to two main issues: the toilet is uncomfortable to sit on, and the tank and bowl have a smaller capacity, which means poor flushing

The siphon design is also awkward, making it harder to clean compared to other vintage-style toilets. Overall, you should avoid it.

3. Gerber 

Overall, Gerber is one of the most reliable plumbing fixture brands. The company makes toilets alongside sinks, tubs, faucets, and a variety of kitchen and bathroom accessories. While most Gerber products are built to last, there is one toilet model that doesn’t perform as expected. 

Gerber Avalanche 

The main problem with this toilet is the siphon design that blocks solid waste as it passes through. Due to this issue, the toilet clogs constantly, and in most cases, a plunger won’t help unclog it. Save yourself the hassle and go for another brand or model. 

4. Eljer 

Eljer used to be one of the trustworthy American toilet brands. In 2008, the company was acquired by American Standard, although you can still find toilets manufactured under the Eljer brand name, mostly in the budget category.

Eljer Titan and Eljer Diplomat 

While Titan and Diplomat are two different models, they both have the same issue: poor quality control. These two-piece toilet models come with a tank that sits on the bowl. However, the porcelain base is not always level, creating gaps between the base and the tank.

No matter how hard you fasten the mounting screws, the tank will leak sooner or later. For this reason, you should probably avoid Eljer altogether.

What To Look For In A Toilet

Buying a toilet could seem easy, but there are a few things to consider before spending your hard-earned money: 

  • Rough-in: If you want to replace your old toilet with a new one, the first thing to check is the toilet’s rough-in. Make sure it matches your old toilet’s rough-in; otherwise, you may have to move the position of the flange. Moving the toilet flange is difficult and expensive.
  • Size and shape: Most toilets have a standard size, but round toilets are generally smaller than elongated ones. 
  • Design: Beyond aesthetic considerations, you should decide between one-piece and two-piece toilets. Two-piece are easier to maintain, and you can only replace the tank if necessary. If the toilet is one-piece and it breaks, you’ll have to replace the whole thing. However, one-piece toilets are easier to clean.
  • Flush options: From all types, pressure-assisted toilets are the most powerful. However, they are more expensive than gravity feed models. Dual-flush toilets are a good compromise between the two types. 

What Is The Most Reliable Toilet Brand?

Now that you know what are the worst toilet brands to avoid, what brands should you focus on? Here’s a list of the most trustworthy options: 

  • Delta
  • Jacuzzi 
  • Saniflo 
  • Anzzi
  • Swiss Madison
  • Woodbridge 

Does Brand Matter For Toilets?

The brand is one of the first things to check when picking a toilet. Some of the most popular brands are some of the worst toilet brands to avoid because these toilets are cheap. Thus, they appeal to homeowners on a budget. 

That said, spending more on the toilet is worth it. You’ll save in the long run since you won’t have to fix it too often and will get to enjoy a quality product. Hopefully, this guide has helped you figure out which toilets you should stay away from and which brands are worth your attention.

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